In response to customer requests we are now able to offer choice cars on a sale or return basis. If you have a Porsche to sell our brokerage service could be a way of getting a good price and is simple and safe. You can continue to use it and just arrange for it to be here for a viewing appointment within a few days notice.

We will inspect, prepare, photograph, advertise and deal with potential buyers . Sometimes we may also consider buying a car outright, for example when there is significant work needed to make it saleable.

The basic charge is £100 upfront for advertising on our site , plus Car and Classic, Ebay and Pistonheads. Autotrader adverts are available extra if requested. Upon sale the commission starts at £1k for cars up to £20k , £1500 up to £35k £2000 up to £50k + VAT

A sale or return contract will be given . The car will not be released until the funds are cleared in your account .

We believe this is the cheapest rate available from a Porsche specialist.

Our premises are behind security gates, with a linked alarm system. Let us do the hard work. We can deal with the enquiries, arrange test drives with our insurance , weed out the tyre kickers, make certain the deal is concluded safely & professionally. Buyers deal with us, they are not calling you or visiting your home and you avoid the associated risks.

We believe our facilities and reputation will give buyers confidence to pay a good price and justify our commission . Warranty option available up to 1 year.